Labeling equipment

Labeling equipment

Labelling machine EA-1000

Labelling machine EA-1000

The unit is designed for applying self-adhesive labels on products (PET containers).

  • Production capacity, max. 8000
  • Blown bottle volume, l. 0,25 - 2
  • Bottle neck diameter, mm 28 and 38
  • Number of places in the mold, pcs. 6
  • Maximum bottle diameter, mm 105
  • Maximum bottle height with neck, mm 350
Labelling unit EA-6000

Labelling unit EA-6000

The unit is designed for applying wrap-around or segmented polypropylene labels on round glass, metal, or PET bottles filled with carbonated or non-carbonated liquid.

  • Production capacity, max. up to 6000
  • Label nonparallelity, max mm 2
  • Label area, cm2
  • - at a film thickness of 35 microns 2x4


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