Bottle design

Kropotkin Plant MiSSP offers a full range of services for production of die moulds for PET containers:

  • Creation of an individual design for the product;
  • Production of die moulds in metal on CNC machining centres;
  • Testing of the mould and provision of the finished product;

Die moulds are made for automatic and semi-automatic machines produced by MiSSP Plant and Russian and foreign manufacturers, including for high-productive automatic systems of rotary type.
The plant has extensive experience in making die moulds for PET containers with a volume from 0.03 to 30 litres.

Stages of Mould Production

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications are formed for creation of a mould for PET bottles, which describe the format of the future product, its volume, quantity and equipment, the die mould is developed for.

Formation of Project Design

At this stage, we take into consideration the client’s wishes regarding icons, logos and other design elements. Based on the features of the bottled product, the packaging design incorporates the parameters, which ensure manufacturability of the future product. Taking into account the wishes of the customer, we develop a 3D model of the future product that is provided to the customer in PDF format.
The catalogue of already -developed products reduces the time necessary for creation of the design.


Die moulds are made from high-quality materials on CNC equipment to ensure the quality and clarity of the shaping surface of the product.
In addition, the surface coating of the mould is made, which increases the life of the product.


The finished die mould is tested and checked by the QC department regarding its quality and compliance with the technical specifications.

Production Time

The term for production of the die mould is 30 business days from the moment of approval of the technical specifications. The production time is determined according to the approved technical specifications. It is possible to manufacture the die mould in the period of 10 business days. Please contact our managers regarding the production time.

Price for the Die Mould

The ultimate cost of the die mould is made up of a number of parameters and depends on:

  • Equipment it is made for.
  • Volume of the product.
  • Number of positions.
  • Category of manufacturing complexity (determined by the design of PET bottles).
  • Material of production.


Standard payment terms are 50/50, the possibility to change the payment terms should be confirmed with our managers.

1 To view the 3D-model, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader program.
2 The surface coating of the die mould is an additional service; please contact our managers to specify its cost and the technical capability.

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