MiSSP plant guarantees its partners a high level of service in the field of information and technical support for manufactured equipment.
Plant service technicians solve a wide range of technical issues  professionally and promptly, including:

  • equipment start-up and operator training;
  • immediate resolution of emergencies and monitoring of their causes;
  • diagnostic of equipment and advice on repairs and overhauls;
  • assist in upgrading production lines and increasing their capacity;
  • prompt solution of problems of the equipment program control via remote access.

In addition, the plant service department carries out the following activities:

  • sale of spare parts, assemblies and components for equipment manufactured in the MiSSP plant;
  • accepting requests for manufacture of parts and components for machines of any complexity according to the provided drawings;
  • sale of various pneumatic and electronic equipment manufactured by the company Festo;
  • accepting requests for manufacture of products by plasma and oxy-fuel cutting and bending on CNC machine;
  • assistance in selection of Festo pneumatic equipment to meet certain technical requirements.

To contact the plant service department, please, call 8(86138)7-92-76 / 8(918)128-76-58

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