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Beer Bottling Line

The beer bottling line is designed for bottling foaming products. The most important condition of the process is that the drink should not contact with air while filling in.
Moreover, equipment for bottling  beer should maintain the necessary level of carbon dioxide in the liquid. It requires the fastest capping of containers.
Another important feature is high foam formation of the drink, which does not allow to fill bottles to the desired level. To prevent excessive foaming when filling beer , the product is dosed using the isobaric method from the bottom of the bottle. To do so, carbon dioxide is pumped into the prepared container, until the pressure in the bottle and the CO2 pressure in beer or kvass become identical.
Beer bottling lines, which are produced by Kropotkin Plant MiSSP CJSC, meet all the required standards and have many advantages.

Advantages of the beer bottling line
  • Highest dosing accuracy, which is achieved by software control, establishing the degree of filling of the bottle.
  • Minimal risk of contact of finished products with oxygen.
  • Absolutely sterile conditions during filling, which create microbiological purity.
  • The beer bottling line is mainly made of stainless steel.
  • High-quality moulding of the equipment, chemical resistant design.
  • Bottling of beverages without loss of product and with full CO2 preservation.
  • Low noise level during operation of the equipment, high-quality sanitary processing, convenience and ease of use.

Features of Our Beer Bottling Line

During bottling of beer into any PET container, pasteurization can be performed only with the flow-through method. The low thermal stability of the material does not allow to use a tunnel pasteurizer.
In addition, disposable PET bottles are quite soft, so the filler device should not fall on top of the neck and press it tightly, as in case with filling into glass containers. The bottle will be deformed, and the required air-tightness will be breached.
The use of modern technologies allows to improve the process. With the help of a special lifting fork, which grips the rigid neck of the PET bottle, the bottle is pressed against the filling device rather tightly. A very important role belongs to fast and reliable capping of the bottle - oxygen can get into beer at this very moment.

Configuration of the Beer Bottling Line

There are different configurations for PET bottling lines. The best option usually consists of:

  • blow moulding machine;
  • infrared lamps for blow moulding machines;
  • beer or kvass bottling triblock;
  • pasteurizer;
  • labelling machine;
  • dater;
  • inspector;
  • packaging machine;
  • palletizer;
  • pallet wrapper.

Kropotkin Plant MiSSP CJSC produces and sells both integrated beer bottling lines and individual items of equipment for the line. You can order our blow moulding machines, as well as bottling, labeling and capping machines.

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