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Milk Bottling Line

The milk bottling line by Kropotkin Plant MiSSP CJSC is special equipment designed for packing products under sterile conditions. This technical feature is extremely important because milk is a perishable product.
We manufacture equipment with the use of exclusive technologies, which allow to bottle dairy products under conditions of absolute hygiene and guarantee high quality of the product. Our lines are equipped with full software control and management of the bottling process, so no risk of contamination of the bottled product is present. In addition, the shelf life of milk products is increased due to such technological solutions as:
- automatic rinsing with ozonated water;
- contactless filling;
- dosing with flow meters that provide the highest precision of the filling;
- no stagnant areas in dairy supply channels;
- moisture-proof construction.

Universal Configuration of the Bottling Line

The milk bottling line includes the following equipment:

  • Automatic machine for blowing of bottles. The base model of this machine blows PET bottles of 0.2 to 2 liters, with a neck diameter of 28 or 38 mm.
  • Bottle orientator. Necessary for guidance and positionion of containers on the conveyor.
  • Cleaning module, which carries out disinfection of containers with hydrogen peroxide, supplied to the water-washing unit.
  • Block for rinsing with water after disinfection.
  • Milk bottling module. The dosing accuracy is ± 1%. This module includes CIP processing of the container with the product and filling heads with a washing and disinfecting solution.
  • Capping module.
  • Labeller.
  • Packing machine. It provides packaging of dairy products in various combinations.

Our specialists work on each project of the milk bottling line, taking into account characteristics of the customer’s premises, electricity supply points and the required equipment capacity.

Advantages of the Milk Bottling Line

  • Complete absence of the risk of product contamination in case of spilling.
  • High precision of dosing.
  • Possibility of biological contamination of dairy products in the product bin is absolutely excluded.
  • Hygienic safety and easy cleaning of external parts, sensors and valves.
  • Possibility of treatment of products with different viscosity.
  • Possibility to change the dosage during 30 seconds.

Kropotkin Plant MiSSP CJSC produces milk bottling lines, which are complete and fully ready for operation, as well as individual units that can be installed as part of similar filling lines of other manufacturers.

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