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Oil Bottling Line

If your production requires an oil bottling line, we advise you to pay attention to the products by Kropotkin Plant MiSSP CJSC. We manufacture equipment for automatic bottling of all vegetable oils. You can buy our complex filling lines, or some of their elements, components, and so on.
All products are manufactured from special grade steels, plastic, technical glass and components that correspond to the specifics of the product. The main construction material is stainless steel.

Features of Our Oil Bottling Line

In order to obtain more efficient and effective solutions for integrated oil filling, one should adhere to certain rules. So, in order to reduce costs and increase production hygiene, it is recommended to perform blowing of PET containers prior to the filling line.
For oil, we typically manufacture bottles with stiffening ribs on sidewalls and with a flat bottom. These containers have various volumes, they are environmentally friendly and easily recycled and do not emit any volatiles.
When bottling oil, it is very important to take into account the “last drop” effect. This will prevent outflow of products and secure cleanliness of containers and equipment. To do this, it is advisable to install the so-called oil stopper.

Composition of the Line

The standard bottling line consists of the following components:

  • Machine for blowing of PET containers with a heating oven to give the container the desired shape.
  • Bottle die mould.
  • Automatic machine for oil filling. This machine can be inexpensive semi-automatic or fully automatic.
  • Machines for cap tightening.
  • Labelling machine.
  • Conveyor. It is a special belt designed for transport of capped bottles from the beginning of production to the storage table.

In addition to these elements, we manufacture monoblock units, which include packing and capping.

Advantages of Cooperation with Our Company

  • An integrated approach to vegetable oil bottling. Kropotkin Plant MiSSP CJSC carries out the full range of activities, including development of a plan for production premises, manufacture and supply of equipment, commissioning and training of customer personnel.
  • Modular structure of production, which allows to increase the capacity of the site and to switch easily to different types of packaging by adding or replacing essential items of equipment.
  • Simplicity and reliability of the oil bottling line ensures uninterrupted production.
  • Affordable prices make it possible to achieve rapid return on the site and make a profit with minimum investments.

All pieces of equipment, which are produced by Kropotkin Plant MiSSP CJSC, are certified and comply with European quality standards.

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