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Water and Drinks Bottling Line

Kropotkin Plant MiSSP CJSC provides its customers with modern, highly functional and high-quality lines for bottling water and drinks. 
The full production cycle of the bottling line consists of the following stages:

  • water treatment;
  • blowing of PET containers;
  • carbon saturation of liquid;
  • blending;
  • rinsing of containers;
  • bottling of drinks;
  • capping;
  • labelling;
  • group packaging;
  • wrapping of pallets with stretch film.

All production processes of the cycle are connected with a common conveyor system.

Equipment of the Line

The water and drinks bottling line is equipped on the basis of the customer’s needs. Typically, the optimal configuration includes four main production areas:

  • water treatment area;
  • blending area;
  • equipment for water and drinks bottling;
  • equipment for labelling and group packaging.

Operation Principle

Water is pre-cleaned in the water treatment area. The system consists of filters, pumps and storage tanks.
To prepare soft carbonated drinks, syrup is made in the blending area, which is mixed with water. Purified water flows into the cooling tank, from which it is subsequently fed into the mixer saturator, where it mixes with the syrup and carbone dioxide.
The finished drink goes into the bottling triblock. Bottles are also fed into this block, where they are rinsed in the automatic mode, filled and capped.
Subsequently, the bottles are fed to the labelling machine, where they are labelled and sent to the group-packaging machine.

Advantages of the Line

The water and drinks bottling line, produced by our company, has a number of advantages.

  • All processes take place in the automatic mode. There is no need for numerous maintenance personnel. The equipment is cost-effective in its operation and maintenance, which significantly reduces production costs and increases overall profitability.
  • All components of the line are made of high strength stainless steel.
  • Electric motor pumps are securely closed and equipped with automatic feed of cooled air to prevent overheating.
  • The water and drinks bottling line is equipped with an emergency stop system.
  • For packaging of our products, we use polymers, which are much cheaper than glass containers and aluminium cans.
  • All equipment of the line is created using the latest technologies. Installation is performed by highly skilled specialists in plant conditions using components manufactured by well-known companies.

Our Products

Water and drinks bottling lines produced by Kropotkin Plant MiSSP CJSC are characterized by reliability and high quality, as evidenced by our certificates.
Customers can order not only the entire line, but individual pieces of equipment as well: bottling equipment, water-cooling units, blowing of PET bottles, saturation units, labelling machines for different types of labels, packaging equipment, etc.

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